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Our service for Probate to obtain Letters of Administration is offered on a fixed fee bases.

Areas of Expertise


letters of administration

An application for Letters of Administration is a probate application where the deceased did not make a Will. We offer a full service where we can deal with the application, the inheritance tax forms, collection of assets and the distribution of the estate. 

resealing letters of administration

Probate resealing, the process of applying for probate in another country, is an area we specialise in. Call our estates team or simply get in touch. We will guide you through the process. Probate resealing is generally carried out in Commonwealth Countries or former commonwealth countries.

finding an administrator

If you are aware of an estate that needs to be administered but you have no knowledge of the deceased's family then it might be that we can assist with finding an administrator. We provide this service free of charge to you as our fees are met by the estate at a later date. Don't hesitate to call us as this is an integral part of the service we provide for obtaining letters of administration.

grant de bonis non

If a deceased person was acting as a Personal Representative of an estate and they themselves pass on having not made a will it is highly probably, if the first estate remains un-administered, that in order to proceed with administration of the first estate the family of the first deceased will need to obtain a Grant de Bonis Non. Our specialist team are here to help with any application for the Grant De Bonis Non.

ppi & MIs-selling

If you are in the middle of a PPI claim for and on behalf of a deceased person it is highly probable that the PPI company will ask for your to obtain Letters of Administration.  Letters of Administration give you the legal authority to make a claim to the bank or financial institution who sold the PPI.  These same services can also be provided if you feel the deceased was mis-sold any kind of credit that they were not unable to repay. 

financial advice

We are not financial advisors ourselves however, as we deal with estates where beneficiaries are about to inherit or have inherited large estates or large amount of money we are able to provide a direct referral to financial advisors who are used to dealign with sudden inheritances.   

grant of probate

If the deceased did make a will then any probate application will be for a Grant of Probate as opposed to Letters of Administration.  We can still assist. We can assist Executors as much as we can assist Personal representatives of estates.

inheritAnce distribution

If a person died intestate, once the application for letters of administration has completed, the administrator, in other words the applicant of the Letters of Administration, must collect in the estate and distribute according to the intestacy rules.  Sometimes it is not abundantly clear who in the family should receive what percentage. We are able to provide research and a family tree that will let you safely distribute the estate as per the Rules of Intestacy.

STOP letters of administration

If you need to stop someone from applying for Letters of Administration, because of a possible dispute, we need to act fast. Call our estates team as soon as possible.  We may be able to offer initial advice before needing to employ litigation Solicitors. 

MEDallion guarantee

Often referred to as the Medallion Signature Guarantee we are able to supply a complete service for the Medallion Guarantee. We can provide a stamp only service or a complete sale & transfer of US or Canadian stock and securities.