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Letters of Administration is not a Letter that someone can write, Letters of Administration is an official Court document known as Probate, issued where there is no Will.


What are Letters of Administration?

If you have been asked to obtain Letters of Administration, often referred to as a Grant of Letters of Administration, then you have been asked to obtain Probate where the person that passed away did not make a Will. We are here to help and will make an application for the Letters of Administration straight forward, simply call us or use one of the contact methods on this page.

Letters of Administration is not a Letter that a Probate Solicitor can simply and easily give you. Get in touch with us to set up a consultation, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to enquire whether our services are right for you.

Applying for Letters of Administration

When applying for Letters of Administration the application itself is submitted to the Probate Registry. It is the Probate registry, a division of the family Courts, that actually grant the Letters of Administration. In order to make the application, the application itself must be supported by an Inland Revenue estate account. This shows to the Inland Revenue and in turn the Probate Registry that no inheritance tax is necessary, or that any inheritance tax that falls due has been paid.  

Dying Intestate

If the person died without a Will then they are deemed to have died intestate, this is when the Letters of Administration application is required. If the person that died did make a Will then it is not generally Letters of Administration that are required but a Grant of Probate. There are one or two exceptions to this rule, for example if the person died with a will but the Executors have passed away then any probate application would be for a Grant of Letters of Administration with Will Annexed. 





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Letters of Administration & Grants of Probate

Letters of administration

Also referred to as a Grant of Letters of Administration this is the most typical type where the deceased did not make a Will and is deemed to have died intestate. In this scenario the estate is distributed under intestacy.

grant de bonis non

A Grant de Bonis Non also referred to as a Grant de Bonis Non Administratis is where the deceased person had already applied for either a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration but they themselves have died and they did not make a Will. In order to finalise the first estate the next of kin of the first to die would then have to a apply for a Grant De Bonis Non

letters of administration with Will

Referred to as a Grant of Letters of Administration with Will Annexed. The most common type is where the Executors are deceased but it could also be where the Executor of the deceased's will appoints an attorney to act in his place

Grant of representation

A Grant of Representation is the collective name for all of the different types of application listed here. If you have been asked to obtain a Grant of Representation you have been asked by someone to carry out Probate but of course the person has asked you does not know which type of application is applicable. 

grant of probate

This is different to Letters of Administration because this is where the deceased did make a Will and any probate application must be supported by the Will. The estate of the deceased is then distributed under the terms of the Will.

resealing letters of administration

Probate resealing is the process where you have obtained one of the types of Grant of Representation detailed here and you need to have the process carried out overseas. Resealing UK Probate can typically be carried out in countries that are British Colonies, Commonwealth Countries or former Commonwealth countries i.e South Africa, Hong Kong,  and Canada


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